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Be afraid: Be VERY afraid

October 13, 2010

We ALL Can Do It

It’s the month of awareness for domestic violence and breast cancer. It’s also the month for Halloween (a little scary) but my title has nothing to do with any of them. Actually, I am telling you to be afraid of the power you will feel when you learn how to do some of the simple repairs around your house.

Really, you can’t believe the changes I have seen in several of my DIY club members (yes, DS – this means you) and some of the women I have mentored. It’s incredible. It’s a proven fact that when we try something new and accomplish it, we feel energized and our serotonin level goes up. We have POWER.

You remember the song lyrics “I am woman hear me roar?” That is going to be you. You will be singing around the house and dancing with your tools as you go about merrily hammering out your list of things to do. Your hammering and screwing (get out of the gutter) will be the energy source you have been missing. I know, I know, you also need sleep, food, water, etc. But DIY women have it ALL. We have the power!

Your kids and significant other may think you have lost your mind but don’t worry, your sisters in the DIY movement know all about what you are going through. We may even begin a support group for DIYer’s who have gotten out of hand. Kinda like me – loving toilets the way I do.

I want you to know that this is the month of POWER – fight back against breast cancer, domestic violence, and those nagging little thoughts of “I can’t do this.” You can do it. I have proof. I even post pictures.

Oh – and did I mention that I am teaching some SENIORS to do basic home repairs? Well – if your grandmother can do it, you’d better get your butt in gear and do it too.

We may look like tea ladies but we are really ToolBox TomGirl's in disguise.

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