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Do Over For Your Deck

August 8, 2013

Male Carpenter Applying Varnish To Wooden Furniture.

Know how much better you feel and look when you get new makeup and you have it on for the first time? Well, this is how your deck will look and feel with Behr’s DeckOver Premium Wood Coating. And, it will last MUCH, MUCH longer!

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a hands-on demonstration put on by Behr paint about their DeckOver product. Believing fully in hands-on testing before trying a product I want to use, this Home Depot presentation was perfect for me and my fellow DIY’ers.

We were given a chance to ask questions before and after the class about the product (and boy, did we!). This was more beneficial than I expected because I got to hear what my customers wanted to know, not just what I wanted to know as a contractor.

Not only was the paint easy to apply (and no expensive roller was needed), but the double coats were not gloppy or super messy. The dry time between each coat is set between 8-10 hours, which several woman thought was extreme but I figure if you don’t have to do the major work again for 25-30 years, how can you complain about waiting for it to dry in between coats? Exactly. I can wait for that kind of return on my investment of time.

Preparation of the deck is straightforward also. Using Behr’s All-In-On Wood Cleaner you remove mild stains, mildew, mold, algae, grease, to prepare the wood for better adherence of the product. The wood looks new after that but you will be excited to add the color and the non-slip durable coating with the DeckOver. Once the deck has had several days to cure again, you are on your way!

Another nice feature is that DeckOver comes in over 100 color choices. You can paint the deck and railings in DeckOver or you can use DeckOver on the flooring and top rail only and do the side rails in regular paint to match (a cost savings). It’s nice to have choices.

I know this was not one of my own personal classes where I was the teacher but I had just as much fun and I asked a lot of questions. Who knows, maybe I will teach next time….. (come out, you can help with my deck and I will teach you so you can do it on your own).

P.S. It is reasonably priced… a woman, I know you were thinking of asking. No coupons though. Darn it.

To doing over your deck,

Jo Ellen Soesbee, the ToolBox TomGirl


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