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FANtastic Facts

August 2, 2012

Below are some pretty “cool” and useful things to know about ceiling fans.

  1. If you are changing out an old fan with a new one and the unpainted area or hole where the old fan was is too big simply place a medallion above the canopy to cover the spot. (remember to put it there before you wire up your new fan).
  2. Four blades on a fan are better than five. It moves the air more because of the additional space between the blades.
  3. If the fan blades wobble you can tape or glue pennies or washers onto the top of the blades to balance things out.
  4. Install a 32 inch fan for a room up to 64 square feet, a 42 inch fan for a room up to 144 square feet and a 52 inch fan for a room up to 400 square feet in order to get the proper cooling effect.
  5. Clean the blades on your ceiling fan regularly with a dry lint-free cloth. Dirt causes the blades to become off balance and wobble.
  6. Don’t use a standard dimmer switch as a remote control for the fan. It may cause damage to the motor. Buy the proper variable speed remote made for ceiling fans.
  7. It’s common for a ceiling fan motor to emit a humming noise if the wall switch and the fan aren’t the same brand. You can get rid of the noise by replacing the wall switch with a no-hum fan control, available where ceiling fans are sold.
  8. Stop the light fixture in the fan from vibrating by putting a large rubber band around the neck of the glass globe. The rubber band becomes a buffer for the noise between the globe and the screws that hold it in place.
  9. Fan blades should be at least 7 feet above the floor and 1 foot below the ceiling.
  10. The blades of the fan should turn counterclockwise during the summer (reverse mode) and clockwise during the winter. During the winter the clockwise motion helps distribute the heat more evenly around the room by forcing warm ceiling air downward. In the winter, put the fan on its lowest speed to avoid causing a draft.

Enjoy the breeze!

Jo Ellen Soesbee, The ToolBox TomGirl

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