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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

September 7, 2010

I have had the most incredible week of my life! 

I did NOT get married so don’t go getting misty eyed. I just spent five days with women – 400 + to be exact. It was amazing to say the least.

I am on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Women in Construction – Baltimore region. Our national convention was held in Louisville, Kentucky this past week. It is the first convention I have ever attended and did not know what to expect.

We each had a name badge to identify ourselves and our region. And, being a newcomer my badge had a bright blue ribbon that said “First Timer”. Ugh. Nothing like standing out in the crowd. Actually, I should not complain because it set me up for special treatment. I loved getting all that attention (we all like to feel a little special at times).

Close your eyes and picture 400 women in a room all chatting and laughing at the same time. LOUD!

The first night we pretended we were at the Kentucky Derby. We wore fabulous hats and bet on the horse races. I lost over $6,000. Okay, so it was fake money – I still took my loss hard and had to have another drink of iced tea to drown my sorrows. The room was rocking with women shouting their horses to the finish line. I have not laughed that hard in a long time. I slept like a slug that night (laughter really does take the stress out of your soul).

I spent the next several days getting up early (6:00 a.m.) having breakfast (cooked to order omelets) and attending training sessions until lunch time when we were pampered with a scrumptious meal, then it was back to training until dinner time. Each day was filled with fellowship (womanship?), and more laughter.

 All too soon it was time to fly home. I can’t believe it was all over as fast as it was. I had fun and my heart is filled with new friendship and love. I met many wonderful new friends, learned more about my fellow NAWIC members, and networked until I was so tired I could not hold my eyes open. I now realize how important this community of women in construction is to me.

 If you are in any way involved with construction you should check out the NAWIC chapter nearest to you. And, if you aren’t in construction I recommend you find an organization that is involved in your type of interest and join. I can’t tell you how good it was for my soul to be around other women who understood my challenges and goals. We ALL need this.

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