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He NEVER Listens to me!

February 10, 2013

Oh no! It's coming this way!

He never listens to me! How many times have we said that about our boyfriend, husband, son, and boss? Well, let me tell you that what is only a nuisance at home can be critical on the job.
My man on the job (whom I will call Bob-the-Builder in order to protect the innocent), has a tendency to also tune me out. And, because this one particular day he was not listening I was up to my eyeballs in water, and I was not happy.

I was standing in the customers bathtub while Bob-the-Builder was working across the room on the double sink faucet replacement (he gets the hard work of going under the counter). I was asking questions about the replacement set I was about to put on the shower. Bob-the-Builder must have been pretty occupied because when I asked “Did you shut off the water?” he responded that I did not have to shut it off to replace the shower set. I distinctly remember my brain screaming “shut off the water, shut off the water,” but of course I ignored that little voice and went about what I was doing.

Whoosh – I can’t even begin to put into words what happened next. It was a straight out rapid shooting at me directly. There was water spewing out of the faucet at about 600 miles an hour – right at my face, chest and darn-it, my hair!  I was so shocked at first that I did not react. Then after the water reached my ankles (which was VERY quickly), I screamed “TURN OFF THE WATER.” Bob-the-Builder was laughing so hard I thought he was going to have a conniption right there and leave me to drown. Finally he pulled himself together, ran down the steps and turned off the main water valve.

To add insult to injury he came back up the steps and said “Hey, you’re the boss – why didn’t you tell me you wanted the water turned off?” What???  He said he had turned his off at the sink and he thought that when I said “Did you shut off the water?” I was talking about his water. Noooooo. That was not right because he has responded that I did not need to shut it off to replace the shower set. “Oh”, said Bob-the-Builder, I guess I wasn’t listening. (Imagine that).

Luckily I wear black shirts and not a see-through-when-its-wet white one (it could have been embarrassing). I worked the rest of the time in extremely wet clothes and then had to walk out of the house barefoot in order to keep my wet shoes off the carpet.

Life as a handywoman can be exciting and a whole lot like being married. Next time I will hit him on the head with a frying pan (or small hammer) and “make” him listen. Oh – and next time that little voice in my head tells me something, even if I already know – I might just listen better.

To better listening,

Jo Ellen Soesbee, the ToolBox TomGirl

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