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My Hero

July 10, 2011

It’s Superman……It’s Batman…….It’s James Bond 007….Noooooo – It’s Kyle Reid from Sherwin Williams in Woodbridge VA.  He’s my Hero.  Okay, so he’s not tall, dark and handsome. He’s still my hero. He’s good-looking with a great smile. (okay, Kyle – stop blushing). He’s young, has a great sense of humor, is extremely patient and has the BEST – and I mean – the BEST customer service style I have seen in a long time. He ROCKS. Kyle performed better than a modern day spy when he looked through old files for the paint colors used on a local gym for me.

It was divine intervention from the Universe that I found him. Thanks to the stars, the moon, and the schedule, that he was working on Saturday.

See, we were not the original contractor for the job so I had no clue what to look for. I did not know that Sherwin Williams was the store used when the gym was first built,I simply came to them because I always use Sherwin Williams for my painting needs because they provide the best service on difficult projects. I already knew this job was going to be difficult (a nightmare actually).

With Kyle’s assistance we found most of the colors used on the gym and were able to match the paint colors, the types of paint used (flat mostly) and correct what the last painter screwed up (indeed). Do not try to touch up areas of flat paint with semi-gloss. It will look like s**t. You know – crappolla.  Really…what was he/she they thinking?  And, if you can’t match the paint – Well, duh – take a paint sample somewhere and try to get it matched – don’t just keep painting or you will get something that looks the photo below (this is what the “other” person did by trying to match the paint color on their own – not me). You can’t guess the paint color on your own. (I owed Kyle an apology for this one also because he gave me the paint color and I told him that he was wrong. I said it was more red)  I ate some humble pie when I went back to the store.  Kyle was very nice about it. He didn’t even hand me a fork to eat it with.  (you can see the “After” photo on my Facebook page if you want to see how much better it looks now that Kyle gave me the correct color).

We still have plenty of work to do but with Kyle’s help we know that our work will be that much easier and we will be well on our way to keeping our customer happier.

I love it when things work out. Thanks Kyle and Sherwin Williams for saving my day!

(Oh, did I mention that My Hero didn’t even mind when I kept ringing the IN and OUT store bell? I told him I could make him hear bells while he was looking through his records trying to find the paint colors. Yeah, I am like a little kid sometimes)  It’s just that he was  so cute I had to do what I could to make  him smile.

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