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One More Thing to Add to Your Honey-Do List

August 8, 2013

Woman Gloves

I knew the title would get your attention. I also know that you will be cussing me – again. I’m sorry. I find that I have a list as long as my refrigerator door and it grows all the time. Being a handywoman does not give me a FREE pass from the yearly or seasonal items I pass on to you. I have to do these things or my house will shudder, spark, leak, and fall down. I don’t want anything to happen to my most valuable asset and I don’t think you do either. So, with that said; add this tidbit to your list.

Sump pump clean out. I know, it’s yucky, stinky, and the pump is stuck back in a dark corner somewhere in the bowels of your home. The pump sits in a pit in the basement floor or crawlspace and the floor around it is slanted slight downhill so any water will flow into the pit. Then the sump pump ejects the water out of the house.

I know you hate crawling in these dark recesses but the pump is an important part of your house and it functions to remove ground water from underneath your house. Without your sump pump, water coming up from the ground, or flowing from a heavy rain can flood your basement or whole house. You need to take proper care of it so it functions correctly at all times.

You need to clean the “pit” the sump pump sits in at least once a year to get out the sludge. Yuck. Necessary, but still – YUCK. Make sure you have enough light, turn off the pump and disable any sinks or other appliances that you have draining into the pit (yes, it’s illegal but people do it all the time).Now, disconnect the pump from the electrical outlet and the discharge pipe. Put the sump pump in a large bucket. Take the pump outside in the bucket and squirt it off with the hose to get it clean of the all the sludge deposits on it.

Go back inside and using a dry/wet vacuum remove the rest of the water from the pit and scrape the sludge from the edges of the pit. It can smell pretty bad so be sure you have proper ventilation (a fan helps).

Now, reconnect everything the way you took it off and you are back in business for another year. See, not too bad. It’s a bit like some of the other filters and stuff I have you cleaning on a yearly basis. I am all about keeping your house happy and healthy. Just like you…..keeping the sludge to a minimum.

To women holding hammers,

Jo Ellen Soesbee, the ToolBox TomGirl

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