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December 15, 2011

Lean close when you read this because I am whispering. Closer. Okay, now make sure you share these tips with your friends because they will save you money, time, and/or aggravation. But, don’t shout them out loud because some naysayers will give you a rough time and you don’t need a hassle. It’s the holiday season and this is MY gift to you.

  1. Don’t waste your time with trying to match paint when doing a repair. Cut out a quarter-sized sample from a place that is easy to patch. Take that sample to your local paint or hardware store for matching. This sample can be made into an exact match. Now you don’t have to repaint the entire area – you can feather paint and only do spot painting. So easy!
  2. The use of shark bite fittings can save you from having to solder pipes together allowing you to do more of your own home plumbing. Check these out.
  3. Rub screws with soap before screwing them into boards to help them screw in easier.
  4. If you are putting together IKEA furniture (or something along those lines), use needle nose pliers to hold the small nails when hammering the backs onto the furniture.
  5. Use the pink tinted spackle for small areas. It will dry white to show you when it is ready for the second coat. Leaves out the “guess” work. (sold in the same isle with regular spackle)
  6. Pre-drill the starter hole for your anchor before inserting the anchor into the wall. This will cause less damage to the wall when you insert the anchor.

You have a few of my “secrets” to work with. Not rocket science but a few quick and easy things that can save you a bit of work, money, or just time. Enjoy.

To women holding hammers (and sharing secrets),

Jo Ellen Soesbee, The ToolBox TomGirl

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