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Shark Bites

January 5, 2012

This week I need to talk to you about Shark Bites!

Are you hearing the theme music from the movie “Jaws?”  dannnn nahhh nahhh nahhh nahhhh nahhhh. (how about now??)  Okay – well, maybe it’s just my imagination working over time.

Shark bites are the greatest invention since self-tapping screws and will help take a bite out of your DIY fears about plumbing. They make home plumbing easy and a lot less messy (and you don’t always need a torch and solder). Check out 

Shark Bite is a type of connection system that uses a push-fit design (it pushes in and then pops back into place and can’t be pulled apart without the removal tool). You still have to cut and prepare your pipes properly but you won’t have to solder and have all the mess to deal with. I hate the smell of plumbers glue and so this system is perfect for me (in fact, I throw up from the fumes so it’s really nice for me – and my customers really appreciate my not having to use their backyard for a disposal of my last meal if I have to chuck on a job).

You normally use a small pipe cutter (a small clip on disc that spins around to cut the copper pipe) to cut the pipe off where needed, clean it up with a pipe cleaning type of sand paper (called abrasive cloth) and a wire brush to be sure there are no burrs. The pipe must be free of debris or the shark bite may leak. Once you have the pipe to the length you want you can put the shark bite on to do whatever you want. I use them for shut off valves when I need to replace one. It makes the job a whole lot easier. They are really simple to install and go on fast and easy.

The other neat thing with these is that you can use them over and over again. So, if you want to buy one now and test it out on a spare piece of copper piping you can. (make sure you buy the removal tool and store it in a safe place). You can practice BEFORE you actually need to do the real repair. Why not? You can tell your friends that you paid for a SHARK BITE. That would be an interesting party discussion.

Let me know if you decide to try one of these gems out. I want to hear about your DIY adventures.

Send me your questions so I can address them in my upcoming articles. Send me information on any new tools or inventions you have heard about or have started using. I want to hear from you. In the meantime, have a safe and happy week. I look forward to sharing something new with you next week.

To women holding hammers (and learning new things),

Jo Ellen Soesbee, The ToolBox TomGirl

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