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Size matters

July 10, 2010

Size does matter.

Yes, ladies, it’s true – but not the way you might think – at least when it comes to showering.

Several days ago, I was talking with a man who installs showers. During our conversation, he related the following truth to me: Bigger showers are not always better.

That’s because, in the world of showers, bigger means colder.

Turns out, if your shower is too big, you will end up with a cold shower no matter how much hot water you use. In fact, the ultimate shower space for one person is only 48 inches. For two people, the space should be about 60 inches.  The minimum width for both is 36 inches – but you don’t want to go much bigger.

You also want to stand only about 30 inches from the shower spray to experience a truly hot shower.

Height is important too. To keep you in hot water, your shower should be no higher than eight feet. And, if you plan to use steam, you should slope the ceiling to keep the cold water drops from dropping on you.

Other sizes and measurements to consider: the size of your showerhead, the maximum capacity of your water pressure and even the size of your water tank. 

So, yes, spread the word: Size does in fact matter – and, contrary to popular belief, the smaller your shower the hotter your experience.

But my very best advice for a really hot shower is this: Shower with someone you love today. Women’s DIY is not always the way to go.

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