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Snow AGAIN $%@#$

January 31, 2011

Snow is fun and extremely beautiful.  I love it at least for the first few flakes. After awhile, though, snow can be darn annoying.

If you are as tired of the snow as I am – not to mention the shoveling, the school closures, the missed appointments because your car looks like an igloo – here are a few tips to help you Women DIY’ers manage all the beautiful white stuff and the cold that comes with it:

1.  Keep snow from accumulating on overhangs, awnings and gutters. As the snow starts to fall, keep up with the rising line of white by using a broom to keep it away from the edges of anything hanging off your house. Snow is very heavy and will cause gutters and such to pull away from the house. I’ve had to help several customers this past week repair the damage caused by snow-covered, loosened awnings.

2. Beware of hanging icicles. Open windows and doors and knock these off as they form – before they fall on your head.

3. If you feel extra drafts coming in at the bottom of your doors and around your windows, you can cheaply stop the draft by rolling towels and placing them around the edges. When the weather warms up, caulk those spots in preparation for next winter. More “Caulk Talk” to come in future articles!

4. When you lose electricity, turn the faucet that is closet to the main line on to a slow drip (cold water only). This will keep your pipes from freezing.

5. Keep backup lights around the house. Buy inexpensive battery operated or solar powered stick-on lights at your local hardware store. They make great nightlights in hallways and bathrooms as well.

6. Clear snow and ice away from sliding glass doors. These doors are not made to keep large amounts of water out of your house. As our 30+ inches of snow melts, you’re likely to discover a swimming pool in your living room – unless you attend to this task.

7. Keep a piece of sticky backed carpet or a secured rug at the doorway. Don’t use unsecured throw rugs. When you come inside from the snow, your wet shoes can cause you to slip on the floor – and a loose carpet can cause you to go sledding inside – fun, but painful. Wipe your feet. Take off your shoes. Secure your carpet.

8. Keep snow out of your stairway/cellar way. As snow melts, it can cause your basement to collect excess water. VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure your sump pump is working.

I could give you a few more tips for managing the snow and the cold, but my fingers are #$%@* freezing.

Talk soon – I am going back to my fireplace.  Go get warm!

  1. February 1, 2011 3:17 pm

    Good advice–I remember doing most of those things when I lived in the snow belt–and don’t miss it. I probably shouldn’t tell you that it’s 75 and sunny here today.

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