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Spring into Action

March 29, 2012

It’s the time of year that everyone is thinking about spring cleaning and all the other “To Do” lists that they have for spring. Like every other ToolBox TomGirl I am thinking of my own spring maintenance list. I am NOT thinking house cleaning though. Trust me, that is not something I enjoy. I do it, but it is with a huge chip on my shoulder and some very loud music.

This week I am going to provide you with a short list of the forgotten or weird spring maintenance tips for around your house. These are the ones that are not always on your tip sheet, not the normal ones like checking the gutters and air conditioning filters; these are some of the forgotten ones. So here goes:

  1. Check all the bathtubs and showers caulking/grout to see if any have small gaps and cracks. If it does, now is the time to scrape it off and put in new caulking/grout. BEFORE you have a leak.
  2. Go around and check all the shelves that you have books and heavy objects on. Look to see if they are bearing the weight properly. Are they pulling away from the wall (even a little)? If so, you need to move them or refasten them with new fasteners, lighten the load, or take them down and do some redecorating. Be sure to check the closets, garage, and laundry room (all the hidden places you hardly ever visit).
  3. Clean out the closet under your basement steps and look for evidence of spiders or crickets. Use bug spray. Get rid of unwanted items and put things in storage totes or other storage units. Keep the area clean so nothing can nest in there next winter. Check your attic and garage the same way. Rodents and insects love spaces where no one looks. Keep it clean.
  4. Check behind furniture for cracks in the molding and fill it in with caulking. This is a great entry point for ants in the summer (especially on outside walls).
  5. Check the screws, hinge pins, rollers and door closers on all your doors. You want these rolling and moving freely when you want to run outside for the sun and inside quickly from a summer rain storm.
  6. Check your deck handrails to be sure they are secure.
  7. Remove the cover and clean all the bathroom exhaust fans.
  8. Check your grill. Make sure you have propane for your first cookout.
  9. Fix a cool drink and go outside and enjoy the beautiful flowers popping up everywhere. Look for where you need to hammer in a nail, saw down a tree, or dance to a Tina Turner song.

See you next week.

Here’s to women holding hammers!

Jo Ellen Soesbee, The ToolBox TomGirl

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