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Stuff(ing) and DIY

December 1, 2011

This is the week after Thanksgiving and we are all still trying to get rid of the extra pounds around our middle from stuffing ourselves full of stuffing (turkey, ham, mashed potatoes…pie, cake, you name it). What better way to work off a few pounds than with a few DIY chores!

Have you raked the leaves, cleaned up the debris around the walkway so when the snow hits there are no hidden trip hazards; how about cleaning out the gutters? Okay, what about inside stuff? Have you changed the filter in your heater, or checked the batteries in your flashlights? Did you stop the slow leak in your toilet or change that leaky gasket in the faucet? These might work off about 20 calories – now you have to go to the gym and work off the rest. (Hey, I did the best I could – if you want more you’ll need to join me ON the job and I can put you to work doing some heavy duty stuff).

Now, I want to thank YOU for taking the time each week to read my column. YOU are what makes me special and I appreciate it. I would not have a company or be part of WomanTalk Live if it were not for YOU. Don’t think for one minute that I forgotten that. I don’t. I love what I do, but I know that I could not, and would not be doing it, without you. So thank you. Sincerely. Truly. I hope that I give you food for thought, good tips and tricks, and entertain you weekly.

If there is ever anything you want to know, something you want me to address, you need to write me, call me, or send me a Facebook message. I’m all yours.

Happy after Thanksgiving – You are appreciated.

Now get out there and work off that stuffing – you are looking a little lumpy around the middle.

To women holding hammers (and other stuff),

Jo Ellen Soesbee, The ToolBox TomGirl

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