Girl VS Boy

Last week I was asked the question “What does a handyWOMAN do?” because this person knew what a handyMAN did but they could not understand what I did for a living as the ToolBox TomGirl (a handywoman). Hmmmmm. How was I to answer that without a smart$$$ remark? After all, I AM a professional. … Continue reading

Fake It Til You Make It

“Fake it til you make it.” I have no idea who said those words to me first. I remember hearing them when I was a kid and thinking they were so stupid. Some adult must have made them up to make me feel better about some sport I was trying to play. I always sucked at sports. I had no skill … Continue reading

Staying Warm Safely

Although I personally have converted my wood burning fireplace to a pellet stove to supplement my electric heat, I want to offer some safety tips to those of you that are still using wood stoves and fireplaces. Because more than one-third of us are using wood burning stoves, fireplaces and … Continue reading

Are You Winterized?

Have you given any thought to the upcoming winter weather? I know that I have heard rumors that the Farmer’s almanac is predicting a bad winter for us. Who knows, it could be a rumor, but then again, it could be the truth. Either way, a smart woman wants to be prepared. So, besides getting … Continue reading