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The Creeping Crud: Black MOLD

November 14, 2011

All I can say is Yuck. Double Yuck. And maybe even triple Yuck. I won’t tell you what my customer was saying but I can assure you – it was not “yuck.”

 What started as a patch in the ceiling and a fix in the bathroom, because of a leak in the shower pan, turned into a major project. Black mold and mildew reared its ugly head and spores. The problem was that it had been going on for awhile. The mold had been growing and multiplying behind the drywall and paneling in the living area – a silent creeper for years. The musty smell was hidden until we ripped out the section and opened it up to the fresh air. Wow! All of the sudden it was like the night of the living dead. You would have thought we had unearthed a grave yard. The amount of mold was minimal compared to the smell that assaulted me. I was waiting for something to come out and grab me from behind. I probably would have wet my pants if someone had touched me at that moment. In fact, I might have “dribbled” a little just thinking about it. 

 All kidding aside, my advice from this experience is to warn you that when you see a water mark on the ceiling below a bathroom, address it immediately. The issue will not get better on its own. Trust me. (I’ll bet you’ve heard those words before). Mold is just one issue you might have to deal with. Leaking pipes, un-grouted tile, toilets not sealed properly, dripping faucets, clogged drains, un-caulked tubs and showers – these are all issues that can lead to major water damage. The water that leaks below has to travel past wood and drywall or plaster on its way to the ceiling below. It leaves a trail of devastation. The wood rots, it draws bugs, mold, mildew, and starts a whole new life. I assure you, it’s not pretty. We found calcification hanging from the wood rafter in the ceiling from the drip in the one area (this is just like what you see in a cave). We found spider eggs, a dead mouse, rotted wood, mold, an unknown substance (it looked like petrified sawdust) and mold. Isn’t that enough to make you address the leak right away?

 Mold is not just yucky and stinky. Mold is detrimental to your health. It makes you sick by causing such things as respiratory distress, headaches, unexplained tiredness, nose bleeds, allergy symptoms, tired eyes, runny nose, sinus issues, and it can make you chronically sick.

Mold is the Creeping Crud…..It’s the silent creeper; a real villian.

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