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Things that go bump, crawl, or slither in the night

April 18, 2011

The service call was for us to fill in some mouse holes at a local retail store. Heck, I thought, this was going to be an easy job. I jumped in the truck and drove over with my can of Great Stuff. I walked in and asked where the room was where they thought the mice were coming in. I was led to the back where the stock room was located. Apparently this room was only being used by the old pictures, left over stock, bugs, mice, cobwebs, and sticky pads. Holly crap – no lights. It was dark in that room. And I had to shut the door! I started to feel the hair on my arms stand up and my mind started thinking about all the scary movies I had ever seen about critters and things that go bump in the dark. And, of course, I could not find my flashlight.

I have to explain. I had cleaned my truck out over the weekend (this was Monday) and I had put it where I could find it (you know that story – I know you do). Now, where the heck is it?

Okay, I am so darned desperate that I am using a square light that belongs on the front of my hard hat. It either flashes a red light or has three small bright lights across the front. The only problem is that the light only gives off a beam about two inches in front of you. So I am bent over close to the floor looking for evidence of mouse holes. Ugh, I have cobwebs in my hair, and something (I still have no idea what) lands on me and runs away. Why did I just start scratching as I am writing this blog? I did NOT scream, but I still have a red spot on my neck from where it landed and gave me a small bite.  

Oh, yea, I almost forget to tell you about the sticky pads. I backed up and stepped on the line of them. Did I ever tell you my middle name is “Grace”?  And the sticky pads – they stick pretty well. I now had a line of them stuck to my tennis shoes, along with bugs (roaches, and other things) and when I picked my foot up to get one off the other one stuck to the back of the other pants leg. I am soooo glad that I was not being filmed for DIY network. I must have looked like a comedy show. Good thing the women out front were afraid of mice or they probably would have seen me jumping around like I was having a hissy fit.

Well, back to work. The Great Stuff backed up in the can and stopped coming out of the tube so I ran out long before I managed to fill up all the holes that were in the room (not that I could have gotten to them all that night anyway).  There are cracks and crevices everywhere in that one storage room. I have to go back. But you know what; I think I am going to send one of my workers out there to do the job. I am sure there must be something more important for me to do that day. You know, there must be a meeting for me to attend or something.

One thing a smart ToolBox TomGirl learns – delegate, delegate, delegate! Especially when it comes to things that go bump, crawl, or slither  in the night.

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  1. May 19, 2011 9:47 am

    Bernice – thanks. I didn’t say I enjoyed this job….but I did it. I hate bugs. Well, really just spiders. Other things I don’t mind just brushing off. But spiders really, really creep me out. I don’t know why. Must be because one time my brothers convinced me to hide in the well during a game and they put the lid back on and then stood on top singing something about spiders and snakes and kept telling me about the spiders crawling on me. I am surprised I didn’t fall off of the little ladder and drown. I was creeped out for a long time (even now as you can tell). Wonder why I don’t talk to them much ……hmmmm – traumatized in early childhood. Wonder if that’s why I am sometimes called a “little mental?”

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