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Who Let The Girl’s Out

October 25, 2016

As a woman in construction, I am often seen in blue jeans, a tee shirt or uniform shirt, and my pink work boots. Most people don’t know about the “underneath” me. Who would have thought… I love the lacy, frilly, woman-type of lingerie that can stay hidden. This makes me feel feminine, while being a woman in construction. I had no idea that the new addition to my collection would cause such a wardrobe malfunction at work!

The day began as any other. I arrived at the customers house, prepared to install a new bathroom faucet. Instead of the woman who hired me… her husband was home for the day. Lucky for me, he was the perfect customer staying in his office while I crawled under the bathroom sink.

Once finished and cleaning up, I told him to come and take a look at the faucet. He came in, told me that the work was great… and he wanted me to know that most of the contractors he knows do not amuse themselves as much as I did. He smiled and said he was listening to me laugh the entire time – wondering how I could enjoy my work so much. Oh…. little did he know the reason for the laughter! Thankfully, he is not signed up for my newsletters, so he will never know. It is our secret… 🙂

I pride myself on never showing the “plumbers crack” so what do I call this…“woman crack”???

I can definitely say, that I am thankful that I have not had the same problem since, because that nice new bra is now only worn on days I am not under the sink! She is on “restrictive duty” from here on out.

Here’s to lacy, frilly, womanly things that make us smile and feel good about ourselves no matter what our profession.

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